Basketball Games Schedule

MOnthly Schedule

Schedule for 3/11/2023

Legacy Rosters

Elementary Teams

Team JayHawks

Ramses gabrie
Mia Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez
Saleem Joseph
Jakob Valdes
Rean Abad
Rose Romero
King Waterman

Team TarHeels

Jayce Chung
Marley Pasquet
Grant Webb-Harris
Jayden Hernandez
Raphael Tasse
Christopher Hocker
Brandon Molina

Team Wildcats

Angel ochoa
Mason Garcia
Nicholas Garcia
Gustavo Garrido
Adrian Vargas-Lopez
Jayden zarabozo
Xayden Myers
Angel Burgos
Chris Cosio

Team Razorbacks

Greyson Jeffrey
Jayden Roach
Adam Rivero
Aron Rivero
Mason Morejon
Nariya Revere

Devin Alvarez

Jason Mendoza

Middle School Teams

Team Tornados

Olivier Giovanni Civil
Jaden Hernandez
Nicolas Milian
NaShawn Revere
Michael A Morejon

Team Panthers

Jayden Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez
Charles Royal
Adrian monsalve
Theodley brian theodule
High School Teams


Jonathon Lamothe
Angel Santos Jr
Jonathon Quillet

Carlos Santos

Giancarlo Morena Mora

Team Hurricanes

Joaquin Gonzalez
Michael Perin
Lisandro Lopez
Noel Milian

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Legacy vs Legacy vs Everyone Else!

The Competition!

Our Goal at Legacy is for our students to continue to compete. Whether competing againts themselve, against their friend, or against another team across the city. Competition is supposed to continue to get harder, as our students continue to get better, and that is how we strive for greatness!

Basketball Games

Put your Fundamentals to Work!

Here at Legacy Basketball Academy, We focus on fundamental basketball from any age in our program, now is the time to put that to work. This is step 1 in our program before you are moved to our Rec League games, and then our Elite Travel!

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