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Legacy Basketball Academy

Hello World,

Allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Dave Bargamento. I am the Proud Coach and President of Legacy Basketball Academy

A little bit about my personal life. I was born and raised in the South Florida Area and have lived here my entire life.  I have three wonderful children and 3 amazing grandchildren. I love my family and my community. 

I originally started coaching youth basketball over 15 years ago with my son and nephew. Playing Recreational Basketball Leagues and as we started to develop, and get better, we moved over to Elite Travel Ball playing in the Alliance and AAU Circuits. 

I have learned alot from my peers over the years and I bring that to our Legacy Academy Program. 

We always like to start with Fundamentals. That is the base key for any sports program. Even to this day with my highschool and College athletes at our program, we still work on fundamentals. 

Within the program, I like to keep things fun. These are still kids and we always want them to want to come to practice and have a great attitude. Now, with that being said, Hardwork and Determination are characteristics that we like to embedd in our children that come here and here at Legacy Basketball Academy, we find a way to work in both (Fun and Hardwork). 

I have worked with many youth athletes throughout my history of coaching and I still look forward to coming to work everyday! It is the joy in seeing the progress and the developement of our youth athletes that I take pride in so much. 




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